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【Basic principle】

 Super-ingenuity Co., Ltd. continuously and steadily promotes environmental conservation activities from a global perspective, recognizing that it is important to build a society with a sustainable environmental load. Gleichzeitig, we will contribute to society by providing products and services related to environment-friendly molds, metal processing and surface treatment.

【Environmental policy】

1. In order to strengthen S (safety) E (environment) Q (quality) C (price) D (logistics / delivery date) D (development) and promote environmental management according to the situation of the organization, indicators and environmental targets of the three districts To improve environmental performance.
Voluntarily review the activities and promote continuous improvement..

eins. In business activities, consider the situation of the organization including the impact on the environment and promote the reduction of environmental load.
(1) Promote measures to prevent global warming such as energy saving.
(2) Promote resource saving and recycling.
③ Promote prevention of environmental pollution.
④ Promote biodiversity conservation.
(5) Expand the provision of environment-friendly products and promote customer requests.
⑥ Work toward the establishment of management of chemical substances contained in products.
⑦ Proceed with product assessment.

2. Strengthen and expand the operation of the environmental management system.

❐ Disseminate environmental policies to all who work for or work for the organization, and provide education to raise awareness of environmental conservation.
❐ Conduct internal audits, review environmental management systems and environmental conservation activities, and strive to maintain and improve them.

3. Strive to maintain compliance.

❐ Comply with laws, ordinances and other obligations to comply.

4. This environmental policy will be open to the public upon request.

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