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car lamp model

April 27, 2023

Car lights are the main lights used by the car. High external requirements for vehicle lights, some important items such as transparency, electric power, etc., can be achieved with high external requirements for vehicle lights, due to the high demand for model design and production.


The main lights of general trains are front and rear lights. The car lights are different, but the car system has different arrangement, and the same car system depends on the high and low arrangement, and it is inexhaustible. There are main components for the front and rear lights of the composition car: left and right transparent mirrors, left and right decorative frames, left and right lights, left and right reflectors, etc. Appearance requirements for train lights are qualitative. Car front large light transparent mirror (also known as light distribution mirror) is the outermost transparency of the car front large light. General train front large light is white transparent, rear light is red (or multi-colored) transparent. Transparency plastic for train headlights Surface: Class A curved surface (Simultaneous curved surface gap between 0.001 and 0.005mm, curvature change of 0.005 degrees or less, cutting rate change of 0.16 degrees or less.), outer surface with cemented carbide coating , The transparency of the inner and outer surfaces is extremely high, which is the most important vehicle exterior decoration.

Our company has accumulated a lot of production experience in automotive lamp molds and automotive molds, and can customize high-standard, high-precision molds for customers.

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