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Mold design

Available materials
Factory capacity
Applicable surface treatment
Available materials

Development and design of molds made of various plastics such as ABS / PC / PP / PE / PMMA / PA / PA + GF / TPU / TPE / PVC.

Factory capacity

Monthly 25 ~ 30 sets Mold production capacity: Mainly plastic mold development, design and manufacturing, prototyping, mass production.
1) Test mold, mass production mold, plastic molding.
2) Mold-related: Automobiles, home appliances, packaging, medical-related molds.

Applicable surface treatment

1) Mold: Buffing, highlighting, etching
2) Plastic products: Secondary processing, plating processing. Automobiles, home appliances, packaging, medical-related molds.

Kunststoff Guss

Available materials
Factory capacity
Applicable surface treatment
Available materials

ABS / PC / PP / PE / PMMA / PA / PA + GF Poly / TPU / TPE / PVC.

Factory capacity

Compatible with single color molding, two color molding, metal parts insert molding, Und 10 plastic molding machines.

Applicable surface treatment

Secondary processing, plating processing. Automobiles, home appliances, packaging, medical-related molds. machines.

Mold parts processing

Available materials
Factory capacity
Applicable surface treatment
Available materials

1) Japanese JIS material: SS400 / S45C / SKD material / SUS material / SKS material / SCM / SPCC / SPHC / NAK material / HPM material /
2) Imported materials from Europe and the United States: H-13 / S-7 / 420SS Stavax / 1.2344 (1.2343) /1.2379/1.2378/1.2510/P20, etc.
Other special materials: brass, pure copper, titanium alloy, beryllium material.

Factory capacity

1) Precision mold parts processing up to ± 0.005.
2) Monthly 1000 drawing processing capacity.
3) We are good at processing plastic dies, connector dies, and press dies.

Applicable surface treatment

Vacuum quenching / induction hardening / whole quenching / carburizing quenching / tuftride / carburizing nitriding / ion nitriding / titanium coating, hard chrome plating / vacuum hard chrome plating / DLC coating treatment / black dyeing / mirror buffing, etc.
3) We are good at processing plastic molds, connector molds, and press molds.

Design Team/

Mit mehr als 15 years experience designer, we can provide well tooling design and better part analysis solution to help customer decrease tooling cost. a full understanding of all customer product requirements, combined with CR’s uncompromising design standards, are the key foundation factors for all successful tooling programs.

Our Services :
■ Mold flow analysis
■ Product optimization
■ Full 2D & 3D mold design
■ Mold design optimization
■ Reverse engineering
■ Collaborative design with customer’s idea


Project manager has rich experience in tooling designing, tooling making and machining and project managing, also has a good ability of coordinating, planning, Japanese and English communicating. Project manager is a main contact window to customer, and provides good customer experience from project begin to finish. Our work process is designed to keep the customer informed and get control of his project throughout the process. Below shows clearly how the customer supervise his project in 4 stages efficiently.


Plastic Parts

Automotive molded part

Electronics Household Appliance & Other Molded Part

Medizinische Teile & Other Molded Part

What People Say About Us

from our Client

Your company’s service attitude, response speed, quality assurance, and delivery are all very satisfied.
AletheaPurchasing Department
The mold flow analysis of the mold is very detailed. During the mold manufacturing process, the production progress will be shared in time every week, which is very helpful to our project follow-up. thank you very much.
KevinDirector of Tooling Project
Recently, a batch of auto parts purchased requires full-scale CPK control. We have found many suppliers, but the proofing has been unsuccessful. It was not until we found your company that this product finally achieved mass production.
MuskAutomobile Engine Production Department

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