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parts processing,Lathe processing,With more than 18 years of experience in machining masters, we can provide good mechanical design and better parts processing solutions to help customers reduce production costs. A full understanding of all customer product requirements, combined with CR’s uncompromising production standards, are the key basic factors for all successful projects.We uphold an attitude of humility to learn, keep making progress, provide customers with high-quality services, and strive to become customers’ global partners.

In the field of precision parts manufacturing, we have achieved very good cooperative relations with customers in the United States, Europe and Japan, and have also accumulated rich experience in the manufacture of auto parts, semiconductor parts and FA automation parts.

Our Services :
■    Car parts
■    3C Parts
■    FA Parts
■    Fluid parts
■    Medical parts
■    Semiconductor device
■   ISO& JIS standards
■   5M quality control
■   CPK quality control

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Car parts

3C parts

FA parts

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A manufacturer engaged in research and development and manufacturing of precision parts and molds for machine automation, semiconductors, automobiles, and medical equipment.