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Plastic molding,Lathe processing


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Precision parts processing

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mold solution

Mold design and high-precision mold parts manufacturing for home appliances, automobiles, aerospace, medical equipment, etc.

Precision parts

Mold parts

Mold inserts

Super hard parts

Mold Tooling

Precision lathe

Manufacturing of high-precision parts and components such as automobiles, automation equipment, semiconductor equipment, communication equipment, and medical equipment.

About our company

Established SUPER INGENUITY Precision Factory on 2018 year, Located in Chang’An town DongGuan City China, We are mainly making Metal & Plastic Parts for Machines、Automatic equipment、Semiconductor、Automotive、Medical Equipment, Mold Develop and building, our team are average on 32 years old, as a Growing youngest Company that we wish to do our best way to provide best service for our customer. Total 30  staff.

Up to now, we have successfully imported a series of high-precision testing equipment such as CMM, profiler, tool microscope, altimeter, etc.To ensure the quality of our production.

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No. 201, MingCheng Industrial Zone, Rongji Road No. 23, ShangSha Chang ‘an Town, Dongguan City Guangdong Province.

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A manufacturer engaged in research and development and manufacturing of precision parts and molds for machine automation, semiconductors, automobiles, and medical equipment.