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Plastic molding,Lathe processing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Q1 How should I use cutting and injection molding properly?

A1: cutting, parts made of resin or metal equivalent to the actual product can be obtained, so it is effective for mass production in cutting or for performing functional tests before raising the mold for injection molding. ..
It is also effective when you need only a few jigs and tools. Our cutting service does not require an initial cost, and we can accept even one piece. Processing is done in 3 business days as a standard delivery time, so parts can be obtained quickly.

Injection molding is effective as a guide when 25 or more parts are required. Ideal for functional tests, small lot production, advanced mass production, etc. Expensive iron molds usually take 6 to 10 weeks to complete, but with our injection molding, parts can be manufactured inexpensively and with a delivery time of 10 business days. The maximum number of parts that can be manufactured is 10,000 parts, but there is no limit. Since it is molded on demand, inventory-less can be realized.

Q2 What are the benefits of using Super-ingenuity?

A2 Our team has very rich experience in mold and precision parts processing. Especially for the production of automotive injection molds, semiconductor equipment, auto parts, and automation equipment, the integrated management from design to production to assembly can be realized.

The average age of our company team is around 30 years old, which also makes us think and innovate constantly. While meeting customer requirements, it will also make advance evaluations for the product itself, and deeply participate in product improvement with customers.

Q3 What kind of company do you have transactions with ?

A3 Our service is used by companies of all sizes, from major companies to MAKERS.
Since we have signed a confidentiality agreement with most of our customers, we cannot disclose it.

Q4 What kind of industry is it used in?

A4 It is used in various industries such as automobiles, home appliances, medical equipment, electronic equipment, semiconductor devices, automation equipment, and cosmetics.

Q5 What kind of parts are you making?

A5 As an example, we manufacture a wide variety of parts and parts from mechanical parts to exterior parts such as arms, guides, shafts, cylinders, panels, heat sinks, hooks, bushes, plates, frames, bases, and vacuum parts. increase.

Q6 Where do you make it?

A6 All parts and parts for customers in China and overseas are manufactured at the head office and factory in Dongguan City.
We also manufacture some of the processing together with a cooperating company. For example: heat treatment, surface treatment, etc.

Q7 What kind of materials can be used?

A7 In cutting, in addition to various types of resins, metals such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and iron can be used.
In injection molding, we procure about 50 types of high-performance resins from general-purpose, and we can also mold the materials you have provided.

Q8 How can I request a quote?

A8 Please access the following to upload PDF drawings and 3D CAD data.
You can request a quotation for cutting and injection molding at the same time. Request a free quote

If you would like to request a quote or have a detailed consultation, please use the inquiry form.

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Plastic molding,Lathe processing

A manufacturer engaged in research and development and manufacturing of precision parts and molds for machine automation, semiconductors, automobiles, and medical equipment.

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